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Berkshire Bird Paradise Sanctuary!  
and Botanical gardens  Since 1975

Wish List

If you would like to be a part of this good work please

We are now oil free we are heating our bird and plant areas with wood
we cut from our surrounding acreage

If anyone wants to get rid of an outside wood furnace that
would make our lives a lot easier.

Building materials Lumber, Chain link fence, gardening tools

Video equipment

Good advise or ideas to promote our sanctuary

A Generator for emergencies

Writers who can write small artitcles about birds

Pet carriers

Greenhouse supplies (fans, poly, shade cloth)

Medical supplies

Feeds (dry dog and cat food Crushed corn, millet seed, peanuts

Thank you, Please send inqueries or donations to

Berkshire Bird Paradise
43 Red Pond Road
Petersburgh, NY 12138
518 279-3801

email volunteer: