National Pigeon Day

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Please send to pigeon lovers and those who hate. They too can be converted. Many times hate stems from ignorance and/or fear.

Our first National Pigeon Day will be approaching on June 13th.

Hello fellow pigeon advocates and friends old and new

close up flying pigeon
This day is significant in that we are sending a message to let others know there is a group of people who care and are passionate about pigeons and are ready and willing to fight for and support them, it will be a day to promote the positive portrayal of pigeons in society, educate people about the role pigeons have played in history and show them just how sweet and charming these birds are. We love them, and others will too once bad publicity based in lies and hate is eliminated.

The news industry has portrayed pigeons as nuisances and pests, but we as pigeon lovers need to counter balance the bad press pigeons receive in the media. There are misconceptions about pigeons carrying disease, spread by the uninformed and ignorant, creating fear in the public. Certainly pigeons can use some good publicity and support. How refreshing that will be for a change! We know most of the bad press has been perpetuated by the billion dollar pest control and real estate industries --property owners who do not want pigeons or probably any other wildlife on their property. There are no 30 day Eviction Notices issued to pigeons, only painful murder on the spot. A building without a lovely pigeon sitting on top of it, peering down at his world or getting ready to take flight is creating a sterile environment in this City.

Have you noticed the aesthetic beauty of pigeons flying in a flock -- in a V formation with their leader at the forefront. Pigeons are playful and filled with joy and love when they are not fearful and watchful of their environment.

Most pigeons' day to day existence is very difficult -- finding food and clean water, avoiding being trapped, maimed and poisoned, and just being able to exist in some kind of peaceful state. Pigeons are one of the most vulnerable creatures on this Earth with virtually no way to protect and defend themselves. Pigeons have enemies in the millions who are ready to eliminate, poison, and destroy them in any way they can without any conscience. As a result, the pigeon population is rapidly diminishing.
pigeons flying

Let us not forget the Passenger Pigeon -- extinct!

Some suggestions for National Pigeon Day are tabling, handing out literature, signing petitions (if you have any), selling pigeon paraphernalia; perhaps even a speaker. An outdoor venue may be appropriate -- a place where pigeons gather -- possibly around the Union Square or Tompkins Park area. "I Love Pigeons", etc. signs can be held. Let's get creative; however, the importance of the day is primarily to let the public and government know that there are people who care about and are ready to advocate on behalf of the Pigeon.

Please write back with your comments and suggestions. Perhaps you have other ideas? Let us ensure this day will be significant for pigeons in some way. Since it falls on a Friday, we should gather starting at around 5 pm. People in other states can celebrate as well. The importance of The Day is to acknowledge and remember pigeons in some small way, even a silent prayer in unison to send out sympathy and remembrance for the millions of pigeons killed in vain out of hate says much.

Thank you for reading, and please pass this message along.

Coo, Coo, Coo

3 pigeons on the roof

funny picture bird on my head
I was trying to photograph this pigeon to show someone that he was OK, He kept landing on my head. (Rolf Hansen Volunteer)

If you would like to be a part of this good work please

email volunteer


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First National Pigeon Day