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How our Injured Golden Eagle Cara was rescued

boy feeding golden Eagle

Cara Golden Eagle Rescued at Fish Lake Utah in 1990

This is a surprise letter we received from Rhonda Byer

Dear Peter Dubacher

I can not tell you just how happy I am to have found that Cara is doing fine and to hear about her offspring, Daphne, being set free in the wild gives me goose-bumps!

The following is a summary of the events that occurred on that fateful day.
I made reference to the pictures which show the Ranger, and someone he had in the truck with him, me and my son, Joshua. My husband Dave took the pictures.

It was the summer of 1990. We were traveling down Hwy 62 in Utah on our way to Fish Lake for a vacation when we spotted something on the road ahead of us. It was a golden eagle sitting of the highway, so we pulled over because we knew something must be wrong. There were not outward signs of trauma, but something was very wrong. WE did not know what to do, but then we remembered that we had been traveling behind a forest rangers vehicle. When I looked down the highway I could still see him driving away and we wondered why he did not stop because he must have seen the eagle sitting there too. Suddenly the rangers vehicle slowed down and made a u-turn and drove back to us.

We told him that we were sure glad he returned because we were unsure of how to handle the eagle to get him medical help. The ranger said he was stationed in Fish Lake - just where we were going! He said he would take the bird to the ranger station and get help for it. But my gut instinct said that I was not going to leave the care of this eagle in the hands of the ranger who had already left this bird in the first place!. So we followed him to Fish Lake and checked in to the cabin where we were staying. I then immediately went to the ranger station to follow through with what ever had to be done to get the proper care for this eagle. When I got to the ranger station I saw the eagle just sitting in the middle of the room. The ranger proceeded to make his lunch, and I was getting upset and asked him if he would PLEASE call who ever it is who rescues eagles. He made a call to someone and said that he was waiting for a call back from someone. I inquired to the ranger about at least providing some water for the eagle because she appeared very thirsty. He provided a bowl of water and gave us a piece of baloney to feed her. She did not want the baloney (I didnt blame her) but she did drink water from the bowl.

wonded Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle drinking from bowl

We waited awhile for that call to come in, but no one called. So we left for a while and returned later that day to discover that a man from Cedar City, Utah had been there and picked her up. We were sad because we wanted to see her once more and I also wanted to know who took her and what were they going to do for her, etc.

I could not shake the feeling inside and the voice that kept telling me that I must find out what is happening to her. So the next day I went to see the Ranger and he told me it was Mr Tyner who picked her up and brought her to Cedar City to get the medical attention she needed. Mr. Tyner is a falconer who rescues wild life in southern Utah. The ranger called Mr. Tyner and let me speak to him. Mr. Tyner told me that the eagle had been shot with many birdshot pellets by someone and she may be blind by now. Since we were heading back to California in a few days, we arranged a meeting to see the eagle on our way back home. On that day my son had accidentally got a fishing hook stuck in his hand so by the time we got done at the hospital in Richfield, Utah, and made it to Cedar City, Utah we had missed seeing the eagle by a couple of hours. Her initial medical treatments were through the people who were to care for her during her rehabilitation had picked her up that afternoon and taken her to Moab, Utah

bird rescue golden eagle

Contined. Golden Eagle Rescue part 2

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