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Golden Eagle release

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Preparing Dottie for release

Banding and installing a transmitter for tracking the Eagle, the transmitter will fall off next Spring when new feathers grow in.

Banding this eaglet will give us important data about habitat preferences, mortality rates and population trends,” The more information gathered about wildlife, the better we can protect eagles.”

Banding young eaglets is important for measuring the effectiveness of restoration programs.letting scientists gather information about survival rates, how far birds disperse when they leave the nest, habitat preferences and causes of death.

Eagles environment have been eroded by urban sprawl and reproductive failure by the use of DDT. Bald eagle populations fell everywhere in the Unided States before they were placed on the United States Endangered Species List in 1973. Eagles have recoved their populations and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed them from the federal roster in July, 2007.

Eagle restoration efforts have been funded over the years through public and private sources such as the USFW, The Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Fund, the Massachusetts Audubon Society, and many others.

We have released many Bald Eagles and even a Golden Eagle plus many other species from owls to hawks. Most of the birds at our sanctuary we be with us for the rest of their lives. Most are injured and could never survive in the wilderness.


Endangered Species Program
Banding Dottie
Peter Nye from the New York State Endangered Species Program, puts a leg band on Dottie. While local TV news crew records and watches.  

peter with baby golden eglet
Pete and Dottie

Peter Dubacher with Dottie getting a medical checkup and getting ready for release. She passed with flying colors



inspecting the birds mouth
Physical checkup

Dottie get a clean bill of health before releasing her into the wilds.

bird banding
Banding Dottie for identification porposes.
banding a golden eagle
Installing tracking device

Adding a radio transmitter to the wing, it will fall off when the bird moults. We can tell when dottie is in the area and follow her movements, Thanks to The New York State Endangered Species Program.


This was really reassuring, we could tell when she was near by and she visited us often when she was first released.


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