Eagle Release Facility - Hacking facility
Berkshire Bird Paradise Sanctuary

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eagles roosting tower


Eagle tower where Disabled parents Ross, Marilyn and their offspring Dottie live, just before Dottie takes off on her own.

The disabled birds can easily move up to their roosting area by a series of platforms and ropes, we like to challange our feathered friends.





eagle ready to be released

Closer view of Eagle facility, with Ross and Marilyn

wild bird hacking facility

You can see the Eagle tower in the background.

With a 12' high fence The the breeding pair is safe from preditors and the young bird can take off when ready


bird obsevation unit
Peeping area, where visitors can watch the birds without disturbing them.

Dottie has successfully left the Release facility and we see her every once in awhile when she returns and just sits and watches her parents in the facility, She seems to be doing fine.

Peter says "I love that little bird like I love my little daughter. I can only hope and pray that she'll be OK.

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Peter Dubacher, Director,





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