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We think it is unlikely to happen this year.

Positive News!
Autumn water bird migration ends without spread of bird flu
As the year draws to a close, millions of wild birds have flown to their wintering sites across, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas without the widely predicted outbreaks of H5N1 bird flu associated with their migration routes.

Avian Flu: The bad news first
Well, it's flu season again. Only this time, we hear everyone talking about avian flu…the Super flu which is expected to wreck havoc across our land in the not so distant months.

Bird Flu and SARS
Bird flu and SARS are both respiratory viruses and both can be fatal. Understanding their similarities and how they differ could help you prevent both these killer viruses.

Bird Flu in the US
scientists around the world are looking nervously at the increasing possibility of a return of avian influenza, also known as the bird flu.First identified in Italy in 1900, it is the H5N1 virus implicated in the great Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-1919 that killed about 40 million people.I say "implicated in" instead of "caused," because it was government policies that made the death toll much higher than it needed to be.But there is no doubt H5N1 is a major killer.

Bird Flu: Personal Preparedness Must Include These 4 Critical Areas)
The recent hurricanes Katrina and Rita have been powerful reminders of how destructive the forces of nature can be, and how preparation for them can mitigate their effects. Avian influenza, commonly referred to as “bird flu,” is a powerful force of nature that we must prepare for—or suffer the potentially devastating health and financial consequences.

Read this Article if You Are Not Afraid of Bird Flu
Are you tired of being in fear of this or that or what ever it is today? Are you tired of the BS and Hokum from the folks who brought us Y2K?

Profit from Bird Flu
Finally, the pieces of the puzzle start to add up. Not long ago, President Bush sought to instill panic in this country by telling us a minimum of 200,000 people will die from the avian flu pandemic, but it could be as bad as 2 million deaths in this country alone.

World Health Organization Still Assessing Bird Flu Threat

Humans Can't Get Bird Flu from Humans: But that Could Change Soon
Bird flu, or avian flu, is an influenza virus strain that typically infects birds - including wild birds like ducks and domestic birds like chickens.

How to Prevent Bird Flu
And all other Winter Diseases.
President Bush just announced plans to prepare America for a possible Bird (Avian) Flu pandemic (world wide infection).Few people still alive in America remember the flu pandemic that occurred after World War I. 675,000 people in America died when our returning troops brought the illness back from Europe

Is The Bird Flu Vaccine Like A Regular Flu Shot?
The bird flu vaccine is a completely different vaccine than the standard flu shot. This bird flu vaccine will only protect against the bird flu and not any other strains of flu. There is not even a real bird flu vaccine available that we the public are able to get yet. It will be some time before we can get a bird flu vaccine.

Kick The Flu Out Without Taking Any Medicine And Tamiflu
Every winter, there are many reasons to worry about the flu. This year we are doing the same thing, but to an even greater extent. Scientists and physicians have made many announcements, issued many reports, and given many speeches regarding the terrible bird flu. Everyone is concerned as since we repeatedly read and hear these reports in newspapers and magazines, and on the internet, radio and television.

Roche Tamiflu: The Ultimate Weapon for the Treatment of Influenza
The onset of winter brings with it the danger of influenza or flu, the disease is gradually turning out to be a perilous epidemic and leaves the patient in vulnerable position. The phenomenal rise in people suffering from flu is also a matter of concern for experts.


Bird Flu: A Few Facts by Dylan Miles

What is bird flu? What do you need to know about it? How does it affect you? Accurate and detailed information is available freely from medical professionals and on the Internet. As a brief introduction, below are some basic facts about bird flu.

1. What is bird flu?

Avian influenza, or bird flu, is a contagious disease that affects chickens, ducks, turkeys, and other birds. Bird flu was first detected over 100 years ago and nowadays comes in a variety of about 20 strains. Most recently, outbreaks of the viral disease have been caused by the H5N1 strain, which is a particularly deadly strain of the virus.

2. Can I be infected with bird flu?

The H5N1 strain of the flu, also called the Asian bird flu because it recently was detected in Asia, has a small risk level for human beings because it cannot be transmitted from one human being to another. A human being can only be infected from direct contact with a sick animal. It is possible that this could change and that the strain could evolve into a virus that can be transferred from one human to another. But this is not the case now.

3. Is there a treatment for bird flu?

Professionals currently researching the Avian bird flu claim that rimantidine and amantidine, two cheap and popular flu drugs, have no power over the bird flu, but Relenza and Tamiflu, two other flu drugs, can indeed effectively treat the viral disease.

4. Is there a risk of a bird flu epidemic?

Experts in this area suggest that rapid and extensive culling and quarantining of potentially infected animals is the best way to prevent an epidemic. Another option is vaccination of birds against the bird flu virus.

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